Confotec mr200

high precision confocal 3D scanning Raman microscope for non-destructive analysis of substances and materials

  • the highest sensitivity;
  • fully automated control of all modules;
  • the high spectral resolution;
  • maximum spatial resolution (due to the use of a beam expander that changes the diameter of laser beam in depending on the parameters of the microscope objective);
  • long-term reliability and stability in work without the need to adjust the device;
  • ability to equip the autofocus system for full automation of measurements.

Automatically switchable Edge filters***, operational ranges:
for 532 nm laser from 60 cm-1 to 4500 cm-1
for 633 nm laser from 60 cm-1 to 4500 cm-1
for 785 nm laser from 50 см-1 to 2900 см-1

The upright Nikon Ni microscope with a turret for 6 micro-objectives, with a diode white light illuminator for operation in bright field mode in reflected light and a color video camera*. A set of lenses is selected individually depending on a type of a sample.

High throughput scanning spectrometer with optics for the range 400-1100 nm**

Up to 4 gratings installed in an automated precision turret: 2400 lines/mm, 1800 lines/mm, 1200 lines/mm, 600 lines/mm. The Echelle grating is optional.

Highly sensitive BackThinned CCD detector with thermoelectric cooling.
Spectral sensitivity range is 200-1100 nm
Number of pixels: 2048х122, pixel size is 12 microns, cooling to -40°С or FI CCD detector 1600х200 with cooling  to -60°С

1.4 cm-1 (0,7 cm-1/pixel) with grating 2400 g/mm or to 0,3 cm-1 with Echelle grating (for laser 532 nm)

Automated interchangeable confocal diaphragm module (pinholes): 10 microns, 30 microns, 40 microns, 50 microns, 100 microns, 1000 microns.

Up to 3 lasers with wavelengths 405, 488, 532, 633 and 785 nm can be installed simultaneously and switched automatically***

Precision automated XY (XYZ) stage with a scanning range of 100х75 mm and min step 100 nm (XY) & 20 nm (Z) or ХУ (XYZ) automated stage with a scanning range 115х75 mm with encoders.

Warranty period is 24 months. Guaranteed lifetime of lasers is 10,000 hours.

Built-in Ne lamp for automatic calibration.

*Optionally the microscope can be equipped with eyepieces, an illuminator for working in transmitted light, an epifluorescent attachment, a protective cover to ensure Class 1 laser safety requirements
** Optionally spectrometer can be equipped with optics for working with UV-lasers
*** Notch-filters can be installed for simultaneous operation in the Stokes and anti-Stokes regions
**** Installation of lasers with a different wavelength, including UV, is optional