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Confocal Raman microscope Confotec MR200 together with the BCA-box software pack is a unique tool for biologists. Our machine helps you to get new knowledge, find facts unknown before.

What we are

Confotec MR200

Confotec MR200 is a confocal Raman microscope produced by SOL instruments. The microscope is eminently suitable for biological applications. 


BCA-box is an innovative software pack. The software was developed to decompose Raman spectra from intracellular macromolecules (DNA, RNA, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates).

Raman for Bio

Raman scattering is an informative tool to find and describe unknown intracellular processes. 

SOL instruments Ltd.

SOL instruments is an innovative Belarussian company. Our main activity is the production of high-tech analytical instruments.


ACIS is a hi-tech company from the United States. Our activity is developing special software packs for confocal Raman microscopes. 

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